We’re in Portugal!

Finally! How’s it possible that a company with Luso on it’s name, doesn’t have a server on it’s mother country for 3 years? Oh…. Well…. I should be ashamed.

But since the best things always arrive last, we are here to tell you that we have added resources now in Portugal. This means that you can now use a VPS located in Portugal with the LusoVPS quality!

With the arrival of these resources, we have also updated our VPN service, particularly the Portugal location. It now uses a native IP address, which should be usefull for people who want to use geo-located services, such as Meo, Iris, etc. They will work.

Interested in buying? Here are the links:

Linux: https://www.lusovps.com/vps-linux-pt.html

Windows: https://www.lusovps.com/vps-windows-pt.html

How about a VPN? These come with 6 locations, including Portugal (3€/month!):

VPN: https://www.lusovps.com/vpn.html


And for now, I’ll leave you with a symbol from Portugal:



With love from Portugal,


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