Promotion – 90% off!


I’ve just decided to give out more to our customers. We will be giving out EVERY month 10 discount codes that provides a 90% discount on the first month on ANY product that we have (addons are not included). Yes, we’re that crazy!

This means that if you’re the one to have this code, you will be given the chance to buy, for example, a VPS with 16GB Ram (Xen of course) for the amazing price of 3.49€ on the first month! For sure, we won’te be making any money out of it, but we want everyone to know our quality, just for the sake of it. Also, you know that we could invest this money on advertising, but actually we want to give out this money to our customers, instead to big companies.


Remember, this coupon code will be only active for the first 10 times every month! That’s 10 slots that we are giving away every month!

The coupon code is 90MONTHLY. The day that these codes will be active is every 15th of EVERY MONTH.


Also remember to activate your affiliate code, so that you too can receive money by referring your friends/family to us.




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