Gluten Free VPS

Did you know that our VPSs are gluten free? Yup, it’s true.



LusoVPS and GreatRDP


It’s time to show what we’ve been cooking on the last few months. That’s right, an RDP service.
To anyone that doesn’t know what RDP means, it stands for Remote Desktop Protocol. Basically, your own virtual desktop located on the Cloud!

Since RDP services isn’t what LusoVPS is focused on, we have decided to create a new brand for these types of product: GreatRDP.
GreatRDP at the moment is a child and therefore needs to be nurtured like one, so we are supporting all of GreatRDP services as our own (support, billing, etc). In the right time, GreatRDP will have its own staff, registration, etc.

Now, what GreatRDP has to offer are quite some cool features, such as Local/Remote HDD, WebClient, Instant Delivery among others, and of course an RDP.

GreatRDP website is You’ll see that it’s quite familiar to you.

Web Client

we have developed the ability to connect to your RDP *without* using any native client (like Remote Desktop Connection in Windows). This new feature gives you the advantage to use your RDP even if you’re behind a proxy (like the one on your company). It will work exacly like your RDP client but on your Web Browser (the web browser needs to support html5 and websockets).
Here’s an example of our webclient working on Google Chrome:

GreatRDP Desktop

Remember that it works like an ordinary website. This means that it’s bound that you’re able to access from wherever you are. You can even access your RDP using your Android/iPhone! It will run on them. This feature is available on Every plan, it’s free and it Works!

Automatic Delivery/No human intervention

That’s right. We have developed a solution to automatically deliver your RDP. After good payment you will receive your login credentials on your email. There’s no Human intervention on this, we guarantee it! Also, you can change the password and logoff from your Client Area. There are no other fees on this. It’s free from the moment you buy it!

Remote Hard Drive

With the know-how from LusoVPS, we know that the servers are bound to fail, disconnect, burn, etc. Who are we kidding, we know that by sharing a Desktop, some users are going over the rules and force us to take the server down, or even just because a mis-configuration on the server is enough to format the entire server. It’s really easy for these things to happen. Because of this, we have developed a Remote Hard Drive feature that allows you to keep your important data on a remote host. We won’t use the server for anything other than backup, this means that no one will be able to RDP to the backup server. Here’s an example of our Local + Remote HDD viewed on our web-client:

Local + Remote

FTP Server

Every server has, by default, an FTP server on it. You can send/receive data to your Local HDD by using the FTP server. It also has the same login/password as the delivered RDP credentials.
This is very useful if for example, you’ve downloaded a big file (an Ubuntu ISO file) and you want to download it to your computer. You just connect to the server by FTP and download it directly. The same works if you want to send a file (an image for example) to your RDP and perform some changes on it.


We have designed 3 plans. These 3 plans were made to fit almost every need (in terms of space) to every user. Here they are:

Starter Plan Specifications

  • 10GB Hard Drive (local)
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • 1Gbps

Basic Plan Specifications

  • 10GB Hard Drive (local)
  • 10GB Hard Drive (remote)
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • 1Gbps

Advanced Plan Specifications

  • 20GB Hard Drive (local)
  • 20GB Hard Drive (remote)
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • 1Gbps

But, as always we have a launch code so that you can test your RDP and spend a minimum. That’s why we are offering a 50% discount on the first month on every plan. Just use the code LAUNCH and a 50% discount will apply immediately.

Oh, but this isn’t enough? We will give you a 2 day trial on our system FOR FREE (20 slots available, first come, first served).

These are the server specifications:

In France

  • 1xIntel Xeon E3 1230v3 @3.3GHz
  • 4 Core, 8 Threads
  • 32GB Ram
  • 2x2TB Sata HW Raid
  • 1 Gbit/s Network Connection

In the USA

  • 2xIntel Xeon L5420 @2.5Ghz
  • 8 Core, 8 Threads
  • 16GB Ram
  • 2x1TB Sata Raid
  • 1 Gbit/s Network Connection

I’m betting that these RDP plans will sell like fresh baked bread. Don’t loose the chance to have your own RDP session now.

With my finest Regards,
Filipe Fernandes

Dinossaurs are extinct

Did you know that dinossaurs are extinct, because they didn’t buy a LusoVPS VPS? Yup.


London here we go…

Hi everyone!

I’m here to tell you one of the big news: We’re expanding to UK! Is it big? It’s big.

Why did we choose UK to expand? Oh yeah, that’s a good question. Since our provider in France decided to back down on new orders, and we continue to grow bigger, we need to place our customers somewhere else near. One of the steps torwards the solution was to begin investing in Germany and now in the United Kingdom. We are very confident that with these steps we’re going to overcome this situation. I’ve just tested one Windows VPS to the UK and I was able to Remote Desktop to it and have image and sound working great (considering the problems that RDP has).

To begin with, we’ve bought a couple of servers last week and they’ve been under quarantine up until now. This quarantine is a procedure that basically consumes the resources from the server to check if it has LusoVPS standards. They passed this test today, and therefore we are confident to sell these resources.

Here’s the link for Linux:

Here’s the link for Windows:

Use promotion code LAUNCH and get 50% off on first month.


And for now, I leave you with this gif of a tea cup being filled.



Let’s dance!

Today I’m feeling quite good. We have many products in line in which we will be rolling out in the next month.

Also, we’re preparing a joint venture with an Italian Company (I.T. Security) so that we can start selling products directly in italy and provide support in Italian. This is a great step for LusoVPS and I.T. Security.


About dancing. I’ve had this music on my mind since morning:




Virtual Private Servers – What are they?

A Virtual Private Server, as the name says, is a Server that it’s Private and Virtual. Virtual Private Servers are also know as VPS. These Servers come with root access and independent processes running on each container. With a Virtual Private Server you can run your own software safely since you won’t affect others (and of course, others cannot affect your software).

Here’s a doodle on the advantages of using a VPS or Virtual Private Server:


Check out our website:

Why do we love IPv6?

Today, after deploying a new server in Germany, I’ve decided to give myself a try on our IPv6-Only product. I’ve created a Windows IPv6-Only VPS to check what was working, and what wasn’t working. I’ve decided that 2GB RAM + 100GB HDD was enough for me to test it.

I’ve setup Windows 2008 r2 x64 as a trial and didn’t setup IPv4, just IPv6. It was quite easy using the supplied IP addresses on SolusVM. This setup (Windows and Network) was made with the VNC tool on SolusVM on an IPv4 network, of course.


First problem that I had was that since I didn’t have IPv4 networking is that I needed to have an IPv6 Name Server (or DNS server). This was quite easy to find, since google already has everything IPv6 enabled.

DNS1: 2001:4860:4860::8888

DNS2: 2001:4860:4860::8844

First things first, I need a new browser. IE isn’t my favourite browser, so I’ve installed Google Chrome. It installed without any error. By now, I was able to browse Google, Facebook and Youtube perfectly. But I was still using the VNC tool, which is lame. Decided to test the Remote Desktop on IPv6. Will it work?

Second problem was that my internet connection doesn’t have IPv6 enabled (yeah, powa to ISP providers!). Then again, I decided to test our VPN service, which has IPv6 enabled by default when using OpenVPN. After setting up the VPN, I was free to browse the internet by IPv4 or IPv6. I was anxious to know if the RDP was going to work on an IPv6 only VPS. And it worked!

Now that I was browsing the web with an IPv6 only product, I was a little bit upset since there were still some websites that didn’t have their website IPv6 enabled. By the way, this is my third problem. A couple of websites that I usually browse are 4chan and 9gag. Both aren’t IPv6 enabled. Oh, now what? I need an IPv6 to IPv4 gateway, that’s what I need! After browsing a little bit (on my IPv6-only VPS, by the way hehe) I came to the solution that does this for me. I only needed to use a little hack: and

And it worked like a charm! HTTPS didn’t work because there are limitations on the sixxs gateway itself. Nevertheless, I bet that Chrome or Firefox have a plugin to add the in front of every domain you want to browse.


To sum this post, a LusoVPS VPN + LusoVPS IPv6-Only Windows VPS is a perfect combination to enter the IPv6 world graphically! I’ve just loved the experience!

I’ll make sure to deploy a Bundle for a VPS + VPN for a nice price to everyone!



VPS Protection

Did you know that our VPSs are protected against zombie attacks? Yup.



Rawr rawr rawr!

What’s a VPS?

You wanna know what’s a VPS in a easy way? Here it is:

Multibanco – We’re available


Starting today, we are now accepting Multibanco payments. To pay using Multibanco, just choose the method “Multibanco” on your invoice.




Note: This payment is only available for customers in Portugal and an invoice value over 10€.