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NVMe KVM Servers in Canada

What Is NVMe?

NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) is the new improved SSD technology. Instead of using old SATA connections (Serial-ATA), these Hard Drives are directly connected to the system by PCIe. This means more bandwidth and lower latency.

Background of SSD and NVMe

In the old days, SSD hard drives used SATA or SAS to interface with every machine. But the technology continued to evolve and the 6Gbps SATA limit, now isn’t enough, PCIe was started being used to interface SSD’s. Now, this means that the manufacturers started to develop their own interfaces and this technology started to diverge.

Eventually, SSD manufactureres decided to develop an interface that whas standard across all the operating systems, so that they’ll only  need 1 driver. You may think that NVMe interface is the USB standard for SSD Hard Drives.

Why is NVMe interface needed for SSDs?

As previously stated, the SSD technology has evolved in such way that the 6Gbps limit on the SATA wasn’t enough, By using the PCIe SSDs have a much higher bandwidth and lower latency, providing a better experience and usability.

Thanks to this, the SSDs now can handle much bigger data blocks with higher efficiency. This also means that the I/O wait on the servers are drastically lowered, since NVMe drives can outperform the SAS/SATA SSD drives by 6 times.


Comparison Between Ordinary SSDs & NVME SSDs

NVMe drives directly communicate with the CPU via PCI-express lines instead of SATA bus, and they can deliver the significant performance gain. Have a look on following SSD/NVMe disk performance comparison conducted by OVH on 480 GB SSD SATA disk and 480GB NVMe drive.

Sequential Read (128KB) Up to 500 MB/s Up to 1000 MB/s
Sequential Write (128KB) Up to 440 MB/s Up to 500 MB/s
Random IOPS Read (4KB) Up to 68,000 IOPS Up to 240,000 IOPS
Random IOPS Write (4KB) Up to 15,100 IOPS Up to 16,000 IOPS

Now, we have launched these NVMe VPS on KVM Hypervisors in Canada and it comes with different flavors, ranging from memory to CPU or HDD:


  • 1GB Ram
  • 1 vCPU
  • 20GB HDD NVMe
  • 1TB Traffic
  • 1 IPv4
  • 1 IPv6

Price on this server is 5€/month. Try it Now


  • 2GB Ram
  • 1 vCPU
  • 40GB HDD NVMe
  • 1TB Traffic
  • 1 IPv4
  • 1 IPv6

Price on this server is 10€/month. Try it Now

You can check the remaining offers here: KVM NVMe Group (Canada)


Have fun!


I hate them. Let’s enumerate things that I hate on the internet:

1 – Download a file at KB/s

2 – 500 Server Errors

3 – A link to an unexisting website/content

4 – spam

5 – Getting on the 3rd page of google without finding a result that fits me

6 – Find a link that fits me, but it’s already “purple” :/


How about you, what don’t you like on the internet?



We are now only using SSL on VNC Connections


I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but right now, we only use SSL HTML5 VNC Client and Java on VNC connections to the VPSs (previously we only had HTML5). This is valid for the Client area aswell as the management page.

This will allow a much safer connection between our servers and you.

Stay safe!



That’s right, UK has passed on a bill that allows the government to have access to all the information that you generate online.


You can read more about it here:


To avoid this, you should use an encrypted VPN. You can use our VPN service, or build your own with our VPSs from all around the world!




Have fun 🙂

Welcome to LusoVPS’s Bar

Hi there stranger.

Welcome to LusoVPS’s Bar. What’s your poison for today?




KVM is now available

Hi All!

We are now providing KVM services to all our customers!

As a promotion, these packages start at 6€/month for 2GB up to 15€/month for a 6GB VPS!


Check out these new packages here:


Have fun!


LusoVPS Live Chat

Hello All,


We have now added the Live Chat feature on our website. Anyone can have a word with our support at any time of the day by opening a chat window with us. It’s quite good!


Look at the bootom right on our webpage and check the following image:




Have fun!



Credit cards are now accepted [Edit: Now with Stripe]


We’re are happy to tell you that we’ve managed to find a suitable provider and implement the solution on WHMCS.

To pay with credit card, just open your invoice on your client area, and select Credit Card (Stripe). You will need to enter your credit card information on our website, but do not worry about safety, since we do not save any credit card information ourselves (it will be saved only the last 4 digits and a Credit Card Token provided by Stripe).

Credit card payments are immediately validated, meaning that there won’t be any human interaction on this transaction.

Edit [02-05-2016]: due to an issue with HiPay, we cannot accept credit card payments anymore.

Edit [27 06 2016]: We are now accepting credit card payments through Stripe.


Thank you for your time


We’re in Singapore!

Hello all!

I’m here to tell you great news! We have finally reached out asia! We have now servers in Singapore! Isn’t this amazing?

Our servers are hosted with leaseweb, meaning that the peering to asia is largely improved and also the high quality network that leaseweb have.

The prices start at 11.99€/month on a 1GB Ram and 1TB Traffic.

Give it a try! Use promo code LAUNCH and get a 50% imediate discount on your order





From Singapore with love,


We’re in Portugal!

Finally! How’s it possible that a company with Luso on it’s name, doesn’t have a server on it’s mother country for 3 years? Oh…. Well…. I should be ashamed.

But since the best things always arrive last, we are here to tell you that we have added resources now in Portugal. This means that you can now use a VPS located in Portugal with the LusoVPS quality!

With the arrival of these resources, we have also updated our VPN service, particularly the Portugal location. It now uses a native IP address, which should be usefull for people who want to use geo-located services, such as Meo, Iris, etc. They will work.

Interested in buying? Here are the links:



How about a VPN? These come with 6 locations, including Portugal (3€/month!):



And for now, I’ll leave you with a symbol from Portugal:



With love from Portugal,